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About Us

Amazing Gadgets
& Awesome Gifts

WhyImPurchase is a free online magazine run by a bunch of geeks who partake in way too much online window shopping.

Our philosophy is simple: we only want to display the coolest stuff you can find and buy on the website. We are not interested in spamming any boring or lame products at you – when you visit WhyImPurchase you’ll only see interesting, innovative, and often times very odd products.

Many items listed on this site do return a small commission for product referral, however this is not the sole motivation for featuring an item. Our staff regularly lists products that we receive absolutely no compensation for. We do not carry any of the products listed on the site, nor do we directly sell anything .


Dear Friends ,

Mo Urooj Khan @ WHYIMPURCHASE.com here.

I assure you, we don’t take what just happened lightly.

You've put your trust in me by subscribing to our "subscribers-only" newsletter. That’s a VERY big deal to me.

WELCOME to our 10,000+ community of bloggers (WHYIMPURCHASE) 

*** You're now part of our MOVEMENT to liberate every human being from the 9-6 job!

You may want to read the email entirely including the P.S. If not, you will miss out on some ESSENTIAL and COOL stuff.

Please read the email until the end. If not, you will miss out on some really important stuff.

Since this is your first time here, here's what

you need to know about WHYIMPURCHASE:

WHYIMPURCHASE was started on 1st July 2016 ( 3+ years!)

(We were competing with Facebook, and LinkedIn under the "Community" category. Cool,huh?!)

Our strength is in the WHYIMPURCHASE Community member.

These are people like you & me who believe in living a boss free life.

The most important thing : 

I believe that less is the new more, so expect me to only send a few, but important e-mails (2-3/week or 9/month).

Typically, I won't be sending an email newsletter for new updates; for that you can join us on Facebook and LinkedIn. (links below).

Most of my emails will be about Gifts (From Amazing Gadgets & Awesome Gadgets) Can't miss deals, For now, I have these quick, You can also connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (Link below) 

Thanks for your time and I look forward to talking more in the future. If you have some thing to say, you can always drop me a message on Twitter @whyimpurchase.

Keep Click Here! 

See you in the next email!

Mohammad Urooj Khan


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